For the spirit

Things to Love about God: He is never silent; He is always speaking, inspiring life, ideas, hope, joy, peace. He really doesn’t do silence.  And it is so sweet to be loved by him, for a start, simply because He will never stop speaking love To You. His love is not only evident in actions, but it is also heard, felt, experienced and witnessed.

Today, I was contemplating this God, who is never silent, at any one time. and I begun realising that so far in my walk with him, I have placed conditions on God, saying I will love you this much, if you do such and such for me. In other words, it has often been a love based on performance. Often ascribing his greatness to the depth and weight of my Issues and what circumstances I am facing; when they are too heavy a load to  move alone and I find that he ‘has not moved them’ as I expect; Love begins to wane and worship is harder in the face of it all.

To say I love you, Lord and You are awesome becomes something to say by rote, harder to believe because at that point I get angry. Strange it is in us human beings who have given our lives to love him that most often we have a proverbial measuring stick held right up in God’s face; in our worship, praise, our decisions to love and follow him, one hand is unyielding in holding up this measurement and when you feel he has been particularly great, your love is great,

But should his performance not meet the standard then your love is not up to standard either.

And the question now remains, how much did I really ever love him? Did I love him at all? The greatest challenge I have found in this year so far has been in honestly facing the ‘why do you love God? Why do you follow and choose him?’ question that most often I will hide away from.  That when my heart was offended and I loved him less, might it have been that I have not really understood what it is to love him at all?

My prayer today is that I should come to a place of unadulterated love that is Unconditioned and Unconditional. I believe it is time to put down the measuring stick, and truly just BE in love, and a Lover of God….

with Love,





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